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Bike Routes

Tartu City
Gravelest - Tartu city bike route

A lovely little route leading you through interesting sites of Tartu, the cultural and university capital of Estonia, and, in Estonians’ opinion, the most desired domestic city to live in. The tour is very short and easy. 

Highlights​   At every pedal stroke


The Classics
Gravelest - Classics bike route

Local cyclists love it! Short, peaceful, easy. A great choice for a family cycling trip on a weekend day! Asphalt roads alone.

Highlights​   Emajõgi river / Kabina lake / Luunja manor, sand beach,

                     rose park, horse farm


Following Mammoths
Gravelest - Following mammoths bike route

Discover the world of mammoths! Follow the slopes of ice age drumlins, and take scenic views from lookout towers atop them! Available in two lengths, 38 km (asphalt) and 78 km (asphalt & gravel). 

Highlights​     Upside-down house / Estonian National Museum /                             Vasula water park / Äksi Ice Age Museum / Drumlins                         / Lakes / Lookout tower(s)


Old Watermill
Gravelest - Old Watermill bike route

Picturesque route leads you to the old watermill house of Mosina. Here you can comfortably rest and enjoy the silence only disturbed by the silvery tinkle of a cold stream. The route includes asphalt, gravel and forest roads, and a short single path.

Highlights​      Luke manor park / Vapramägi nature reserve /                                         Mosina watermill on Elva river 


Great Larch
Gravelest - Great Larch bike route

Cycle to the hub of the world, where the Great Larch props up the sky! The route includes asphalt, gravel, and a bit of forest roads.

Highlights​      Great larch / Suure-Kambja lake / Old windmill on                          the Kullaga hill / Pangodi lake / Läti horse farm



Sail the Waves
Gravelest - Sail the Waves bike route

Sail through the endless gravel roads of South Estonia! Stretch the ups and downs of your life in front of you, and face the epic challenge!

Highlights​      Luke manor park / Päidla lakeland / View to                                   Otepää ski jumping hill / Leigo tourist farm

                        / super cool gravel roads