You Are All From This Planet

Where do GRAVELEST's clients come from?

In the first year of GRAVELEST's bike rental activity (2018), our clients were positively surprised at the quality of our bikes and services. What surprised US, on the other hand, was highly international profile of our clients. As a matter of fact, domestic (Estonian) clients only formed a relatively small part, the majority was from abroad. The absolute "winners" were Estonian northern neighbours, Finns (Suomalainen aina voittaa?!?). Here are the colours of the season 2018 in alphabetical order:

Australia (far down under)



Estonia (domestic)

Finland (northern neighbour, "winner")




Japan (far far away)

South Korea (far far away)

Latvia (southern neighbour)


Russia (eastern neighbour)

Slovenia (pa še kaj prid'te!)


We feel happy about this cultural diversity (clients from 15 different countries), and look forward to see what colours the season 2019 will paint on our baby company.

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